Welcome to your emotional healing

Why I give Emotional Detox Sessions?

I believe that healing your emotions is important to enjoy a fulfilled life and is a valuable contribution towards a loving, peaceful and healthy community.

Are you still affected by past negative experiences?

By using a combination of multiple massage styles, deep tissue bodywork, energy work, and breathing techniques, negative emotions can be released from your body.

​I give Emotional Detox Sessions using bodywork.

You are welcome to feel

In your session I will give you my full unconditional love and treat you with full respect and pure love from my heart without any expectations.

During your session I completely dedicate my body and mind to your needs, fully respecting your boundaries for whatever treatment may help you best to overcome problems with trust, intimacy, fears, shame, guilt or other blocking emotions.

I cannot transform or solve your problems directly. But I will hold the sacred safe space for you, without judgement. This gives you the chance to release and process your stagnant emotions in a completely free way.

What my clients say...

“I can fully recommend a session with Jörg. He is competent, compassionate and his work is very effective. It's astonishing how much tension has left my body in just one session. Even days afterwards I've felt very positive, more relaxed and much more connected with myself. Thank you!”

Mara, Cologne

“In the trusting atmosphere I've felt very much understood and was able to surrender completely. I'm fascinated, that by pressure points and conscious breathing one can solve long hidden traumas so fast. I had a great feeling of happiness with every emotion solved.”

A female client in Germany

“I wasn't sure if I could feel safe enough to get into the session. I'm really afraid to get in touch with a new person. Jörg took care and I felt, that he respects and understands me. He took time between the next steps, and told me before, what will happen, so I trusted him, could breathe deeply and let him do his work. For me it was a very intense and interesting journey around my body and emotions and I feel, that something has healed in me. I hope, that he can give this valuable work to many people - people need this!”

Tanja B., Animal communicator, Puerto de la Cruz

“I am Kristina, Coach, self-employed and currently on the Canary Islands. Guilt, loneliness, shame, sexual unawareness, helper syndrome. So many negative imprints/blindspots I grew up with and many women I know as well. The Emotional Detox massage from Jörg helped me to get in contact with me and my body on a brand new level... Farewell to old things and opening a new dimension of my (higher) self. THANK YOU VERY MUCH in the name of my ancestors ladies, my future children and ME.”

Kristina, Puerto de la Cruz

“The feeling was unforgettable. It was like hours of meditation and total focus on my body and feelings. The touch was very gentle and full of passion. I never felt so much love to myself like during and after the session. I was totally free of shame and ready to welcome and let go every emotion that appeared. That was an amazing experience.”

Anita, Puerto de la Cruz

“I must say I had been skeptical of the emotional healing through massage until I actually got one and was able to process my emotions. It was an amazing experience that changed my life. I could feel energy flowing through me and my body getting clear of bad emotions. The therapy helped me open up into my emotions more and enjoy a more aware life with the connection between the brain and the body. I’m so thankful for this healing treatment.”

Beata, Puerto de la Cruz

“His energy is wonderful, he can hold the space for extended amount of time. I felt he was present and compassionate through all the emotional releases I experienced during our session.”

T.A., London

“The session with Jörg was positive, safe, comfortable and enjoyable. I felt completely comfortable. He is a very dedicated practitioner, who takes time to do the bodywork. I personally sense that he was born to do this type of job. I have done the Tantric Journey course and I knew the bodywork.
He did everything very precisely and with dedication. He has a very soft, feminine energy, that can be very positive for women to feel safe in his hands. I highly recommend his massage. It was an amazing experience.”

Mar, Bangkok, Thailand

“Jörg has the right qualities to accompany you in this healing journey, being neutral yet gentle n compassionate with a professional and effective touch making it a safe space to allow suppressed issues to surface and a change in perception of deeply held false beliefs. During the session i realised that i was carrying the fear my mum had, when she was pregnant with me, as she had lost a previous baby. N now that i am writing this i am getting a new insight about not showing love, not getting close to one you love for fear of losing them. This explains why i have avoided relationships with men.

And another realisation was why my dad was strict n severe but it was motivated by his love for me and protecting me from his fear that i'll get hurt. This new perception has brought a change in me: more compassionate n forgiving and not having the feeling of having to escape and no longer a prisoner of fear. I have been working on myself to heal for years and this session has also been a good contribution.”

A client in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Your Emotional Detox Session

In your Emotional Detox Session you will be taken care of for 5 hours or more, depending on your individual needs.

Your session includes

  • 1 hour of consultation/coaching before the session
    (or more if necessary)
  • 4 hours of Bodywork for releasing negative emotions
    (or more if necessary)
  • Aftercare for the following 3 days
    (Conversation by phone or WhatsApp)

Your session could be life-changing in the most positive way, finally releasing negative emotions from the past and amplifying your great feelings!

It's an amazing experience!